Event Promoter
Motivational Speaker
CEO of Gladiator Powerlifting
Founder of the Gladiator Fitness Expo
Tommy J. Harrison Jr.

Gladiator Powerlifting


Powerlifting consist of the Benchpress, Squat and the Deadlift you have 3 attempts at each lift and that post the larger of the 3 numbers in each category. Powerlifting consist of many federations some drug tested and some are not. I'm really interested in the tested divisions and the Police Records to represent my sponsors Fraternal Order Of Police Lodge #7. I've broken many records in the past but motivated to create more Champions and get more people involved in Powerlifting. I also aspire to start a Youth Program and use weightlifting as an alternative for redirected aggression. I was inducted in the W.A.B.D.L HALL OF FAME in 2012. 

Motivational Speaker

Event Promoter

 As a Motivational Speaker being a product of the Englewood community,one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago the goal is to motivate the unfortunate and the fortunate  . I also want to give hope where there is no hope by telling my story and strengthen the communication gap between the Citizens and the Police Department.

Event Promotor: I began promoting after I hosted several All Class Reunions with my former highschool. The idea was to create a safe environment for mature adults to party, reunite old friends, give B-Day Parties,  have a few cocktails and go home in peace. My goal is to promote concerts and sell out stadiums as I get more educated about the business.

Gladiator Fitness Expo

The idea of the Gladiator Fitness Expo derived from an idea of introducing fitness on a Beginners, Intermediate and Advance Level. My Quest was to find 10-12 of the top Fitness Instructors in the world and give them the platform to teach Fitness Classes on all levels. I want to introduce a variety of classes that will give people options. The goal is to also get Vendors/Nutritionists that will accommodate the needs of individual fitness goals. In Summary, you should have all the tools to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle when you leave the Expo.  I also want to attract the average couch potato and introduce all the resources they need.